An erotic short.
Taken By My Roommate!


Elizabeth Luxe

To make up for being gone for so long, here is a free story to tide you over while I work on my next erotica book. -Liz

We’d lived together for a year and a half. During that time, John started dating a girl, proposed to her, and not too long ago broke up with her. I, on the other hand, had a few relationships during that time, but none of them were serious and none of them were long. It’s been a couple of months since either of us has had sex.
In an attempt to feel sexy, I’ve been wearing lingerie around the house when John isn’t home. Though he has come home early surprising me. I know he’s just as horny. I’ve heard him in his room masturbating to porn more often than ever.
Once, I walked in on him, accidentally on purpose. On the screen two women were having sex, one fucking the other with a lifelike strapon dildo. He was laying down, completely naked, his large cock in his hand, a bottle of lube sitting on the nightstand next to him. I watched him stroke his hard cock as he fondled his balls with his other hand for a minute before opening the door wider, walking in like I didn’t see anything. As soon as the door opened he jerked his head over to face me, going red in the face, it must have been too much, he started sputtering an apology, mid sentence he exploded shooting a hot load of cum all over his belly and chest.

Backing out of the room, pretending to be embarrassed, and mumbling fake apologies, I went to my room. Locking the door, I stripped and went into my private bathroom. Turning on the water, I laid down in the tub, enjoying the feeling of the warm water as it slowly fills the tub.
Resting my leg on the side of the tub, I reached down and ran my fingers over my moist lips causing a shiver to run up my back. Spreading my lips apart, I slid a finger inside of my wet eager pussy.
“Mmm.” I moaned, picturing John between my legs fingering my pussy.
Sliding another finger into myself, I start to moan as I finger my pussy while rubbing the heel of my hand against my pubic mound.
“Oh! Yeah! Fuck me John!” I moaned, fantasizing on what it would feel like to have him inside me.
The warm water was just starting to lap against the bottom of my pussy when my body started shuddering.
“Oh god yes! Oh! Yes!” I moaned as my pussy exploded with a powerful orgasm.
Fingering myself faster and faster, I collapsed back into the water my fingers squeezed out of my pussy. The water felt amazing against me.

Weeks went by and nothing was said about my walking in on him. I did find myself thinking about him more and more when fingering myself.
As the days went on, the primal need to have him take me grew.
I started wearing more revealing clothing, accidentally walking out in only a bra and panties, bending over in front of him. Anything I could to make him think of me that way.
I even started paying attention to when he tended to go to his room and masturbate. If I thought he was about to, I would make some excuse to touch him briefly.
When that didn’t work, I decided to step it up a notch. I started going in his room when he wasn’t home to rub his pillows against my pussy, leaving my scent on them.
I could tell that I was starting to get to him. I caught him looking at me more and more. He started making excuses to touch me back. Touching my hand when grabbing something, brushing against me when passing in the hall.
My final move was to invite a couple we knew, Dave and Jen, over for drinks and games. We had a good time, drinking, playing trivia games. Eventually, Dave suggested we play poker. After a few hands and a few more drinks, Dave suggested making it more interesting.
“Interesting? What did you have in mind? Strip poker?” I asked sweetly before laughing like I was joking.
John and Dave were all for it. After protesting for a few minutes I finally agreed. The first hand was dealt and it wasn’t terrible. I folded.
John and Dave acted like typical drunks as I pulled off my sweater. They were disappointed to see I had a shirt on under it.
After half a dozen hands, Dave was without his shirt, Jen was in her bra. I elected to take off my pants instead of my shirt, exposing my blue lacy thong.
The next hand dealt me a full house, Jacks, and nines. I folded. Off came my shirt, showing my matching bra. Jen also lost this round. Her bra came off, exposing her small but perky breasts, each nipple had a small stud through it with pink balls on either end.
Both Dave and John whistled and leered at her. Feeling bad for her, I threw the next hand. Unstrapping my bra, I let my large breasts feel the fresh air. My perky nipples were not pierced. John’s jaw dropped, and Dave told me how nice they were.
Before long, Jen and I were both sitting there naked. Standing up, I went and got another watered down mixed drink. Coming back to the table, I set my drink down, then reached down cupping Jens perky breasts. She looked up at me with a surprised smile on her face. Leaning down, I kissed her deeply as I pinched her nipples between my fingers.
At the end of the night, John was drunk, and I was acting drunk. Dave and Jen went to the guest room and could be heard having a private party of their own. Excusing myself, I headed to my room, conveniently forgetting to close the door. Collapsing back on my bed, I laid there on top of the covers with my eyes closed, one hand resting just below my belly.
In the next room, I could hear Jen and Dave fucking like drunk college students. Through partially closed eyes, I could see John walk by, back up, and look in at me. He reached in and grabbed my door knob. I was afraid he was going to close it. Just then, Jen started moaning louder, obviously in the throes of orgasm, causing Johns cock to swell in his boxers.
Shutting the door behind him, John crawled onto my bed, putting his head between my legs. His tongue reached out and licked my wet pussy, sliding in between my lips. Before long he tired of eating me out, and crawled up my body, kissing and licking my body as he went. He paused over my breasts, sucking on each of my nipples for a moment.
Before long, I could feel him pushing his hard cock against me. Slowly, he slid it into me, filling me up.
As he started thrusting into me, making me moan, I wrapped my arms around him, pulling his mouth down onto mine.
“Oh! Fuck me John! Harder!” I moaned as I wrapped my legs around him.
Dragging my nails down his back, I gasp as John bites me at the curve of my neck and shoulder.
As he continues thrusting, his hips pounding against my thighs rhythmically, I can feel a pressure building deep inside me. My moans turn into wordless, animal-like cries of pleasure.
John starts panting harder and harder, his rhythmic pounding of my tight wet pussy slowing slightly. Grunting, he starts slamming his hips harder and harder against me, until he cries out and I can feel his hot thick seed filling me as he collapses on top of me.
A few minutes later, I shove him off of me disgustedly as he starts to snore. No wonder he rarely dates women for long. Falling asleep after just one fuck, that’s just sad.
Sitting up, I can still hear Jen and Dave going at it in the guest room.
I spend a few minutes cleaning myself up in the bathroom, putting on a silk robe and tying it around my waist, the feel of the soft fabric sliding across my nipples nearly draws a moan from me.
Venturing out of my room, I pause in front of the guest room door. I place my hand against it lightly, causing it to swing open a couple of inches. Peeking in, I could see Jen straddling Dave on the canopy bed, Daves lower legs hanging off the end of the bed, Jen holding herself up by the crossbar at the top of the canopy.
I’ve always said that this was a bed designed to fuck in.
Walking in, I let my robe drop to the ground silently. Reaching around, I grab both of her breasts and kiss her shoulder as I squeeze them.
“Mind if I join in?” I purr into her ear.
“Oh god yes! I thought you’d never ask!” Jen moans as she climbs off Daves hard cock. “Honey, scoot back, make some room for Anne.”
Dave opens his eyes as he sits up and scoots himself backwards until his back is leaning back against the headboard.
Jen slaps me on the ass as she walks over to the dresser where her large purse was sitting.
“Why don’t you climb up there and get started, and I’ll join you two in a minute.
Climbing up the huge bed towards Dave, quickly I come face to face with his large throbbing cock. Leaning forward, I run my tongue from the base of his cock, up his hard shaft, making him moan as I take the enlarged head into my mouth.
Sliding my lips down his hard shaft, I take as much of him into my mouth as I can before gagging. Sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, I reach forward and grasp his balls in my hand, squeezing them firmly.
I can feel the bed shift was Jen climbs up on it, and again as she crawls forward until she comes to a stop next to me. Next thing I know, she’s squeezing my left breast in her hand, then suddenly I gasp, almost choking on Daves cock as Jen unexpectedly spanks me.
She continues spanking me for a while. The latter slaps to my ass making the first one seem like a lovers caress.
Letting go of my breast, Jen moves her hand to my hip as she positions herself between my legs. Next thing I know, I feel a hard cock entering my wet eager pussy. I moan around Daves cock as Jen fills me up with her strapon.
“Be a good slut and put your mouth to work on my balls.” Dave commands.
Letting his cock slip out of my mouth, I grasp it in my hand as I run my tongue over his balls. Using my free hand to separate them, I take one into my mouth and suck on it as I run my tongue over it.

After a few minutes of Jen pounding away at my eager pussy, I can’t concentrate on pleasuring Dave anymore. The bed shifts as he gets up on his knees. Dave grabs my head in both his hands, lifting it up, forcing me to support myself on my elbows. Holding my head firmly in both hands, he slides the tip of his cock between my lips, forcing me to open my mouth to admit him.
Before long, Jen and Dave are thrusting in rhythm, him pulling back as her hips slap against my thighs, then him shoving his cock down my throat as she pulls back. Back and forth they go, making me feel like an orgasmic pig on a spit. My wet pussy is throbbing as my body is wracked with orgasms.
Dave starts groaning, and I feel something warm hit the back of my throat, but before I can feel more than just a little bit, he moves to holding my head up by my hair, and I open my eyes in time to see him grab his throbbing cock and start stroking it in front of my face. I quickly close my eyes as his thick hot load explodes all over my face and breasts.

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