Authors Note: This is the second part of a readers choice story. You can read Part 1: The Breakup here.

I let the door to my dorm room swing shut behind me as I walked across the darkroom and threw myself on the bed.

“Ow! What the heck?” I cried out as I landed on something hard.

I fumbled for the switch to the lamp on my nightstand. With a click, the room was bathed in soft light. Looking down I saw a box poking out from under my side. I sat up and grabbed the note that was taped to the top of the box.

“Syd, don’t let that jerk get to you, you deserve way better. I got you this gift. Hope you enjoy it. -Cat.”

I ripped the wrapping paper off the small box. The box was white, and in red letters, it said “Thrusting Rabbit” on it. Inside the box was one of the strongest vibrators I had ever seen. It had two shafts. The main one was long and thick and ribbed. The second one was short, maybe two inches, it split off from the base of the main shaft, and flattened out. It had more buttons than a vibrator should have. Besides the power button, it had two sets of up and down buttons with odd symbols over them. I pulled out the little instruction booklet. Apparently one controlled the power and style of vibration. The other third controlled the speed of the thrusting. I felt myself blush when I realized that unlike the small tube and egg vibrators I had in my drawer, this one would quite literally fuck me. I felt myself getting wet as I thought about using this toy on myself.

I shut off the light and shimmied out of my clothes in record time. Laying back on my bed, I fumbled with the vibrator. I pressed the first button and felt it start vibrating loudly in my hand. I held the tip of it against each nipple for a few seconds. Each time I pulled it away, I reached up and ran my fingers over my nipple. They were both stiff.

Spreading my legs, I rubbed the shaft of the vibrator against my already wet lips. I bit my lip to hold back a moan as I held it against my lips. The vibrations spreading through my wet pussy felt amazing. I eased it inside of me. First just the tip. With my free hand, I reached up and pinched one of my nipples.

“Oh god Cat, I love you.” I moaned as I eased more of it inside me.

As each rib slid past my lips, a shiver ran through my body. I worked the first half of the toy in and out of my pussy. Where had this thing been all my life? I slid it all the way in and nearly lost control of my body as the second shaft slid over my clit. Once I regained my senses after the initial wave of pleasure, I pressed the button that made it start thrusting inside me. I rolled over on top of my body pillow and clamped it between my legs as I buried my face in it. It felt strange to have the toy thrusting inside of me, its ribbed shaft rubbing against the walls of my pussy. I laid there quivering and moaning as the powerful toy sent me to heights of ecstasy I’ve never felt before.

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