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“You’re such a jerk!” Sydney shouted into her phone. “We’re through! I don’t ever want to see you again!”

Sydney listened to the person on the other end of the call for a minute before hanging up. The phone fell to the desktop with a clatter as she broke down into tears.

“What happened, sweetie?” Caitlin asked from the doorway.

Sydney and Caitlin were dorm mates. Both of them were out of state students. They had gotten along great all year and quickly became friends.

“St-st-steve cheated on me!” I sobbed. “I d-dumped h-him.”

She rushed to me and wrapped her arms around my head, holding me tightly against her as she rubbed my back. She stood there holding me until I stopped crying. She pulled back and sat on the desk next to me.

“It’ll be okay sweetie.” She said after a moment. “You’re too good for him anyway.”

I looked up at her and realized I had cried all over her shirt.

“Oh, sorry,” I said.

She looked down at herself and laughed as she pulled the shirt off over her head and dived into the closet looking for something else to wear.

“No worries sweetie. Hey, I have an evening class tonight, but I am planning on going to the club after, come with me?” She asked as she pulled another top down over her head.

“Oh I don’t know Caity, I don’t think I’m going to be good company,” I said as I threw myself down on my bed.

“Well, think about it, will you? I know you’d have a good time if you gave it a chance. I’ll text you when I get out of class.” She said as she grabbed her purse and headed to class.

After an hour, I decided to go to the campus gym. Maybe a good run would help me take my mind off that cheating bastard. Grabbing my gym bag from the floor of the closet, I stepped out into the hall. I didn’t see many people on the short walk from the dorm to the gym. Most people would be in class right now. Where I should be.

The locker room was empty. It only took me a couple of minutes to change. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and tossed them into a pile in the locker. I stepped into my shorts and slid them up my legs. I had to squirm a little to spandex fabric over my hips. The sports bra was not so easy. Stuffing my breasts into it was a lot like trying to put a sleeping bag back into its sack. Once dressed I headed out into the gym and stretched before stepping onto a treadmill.

I started slowly at first. Not much more than a power walk. Each time I thought about Steve, I increased the speed a little bit. Within ten minutes, I was running at a fast jog. The exercise was a great way to clear my mind. I looked over when I heard a grunt. At some point during my run, I was joined by a guy I had seen in the gym from time to time. I started to slow my pace as I had run about as long as I could.

“Hey, Sydney!” Josh said when he noticed me looking at him. “I don’t normally see you here this early.”

“Hi, Josh.” I panted. “Normally in class right now. Needed to run off some anger.”

I slowed the treadmill, even more, slowing to a fast walk, as I cooled down. I glanced over at Josh. He was just warming up, running at a slow jog. He was on the football team, so he spent quite a bit of time running, and I knew that before long, he would be running fast enough to make my run look like a power walk. He was like a machine, his muscles pumping in sync with each other. He could go for what seemed like forever.

“Anger? Why? What happened?” He asked as he stepped to the sides of the belt.

He turned and looked at me expectantly.

“I just broke up with Steve. I found out he was cheating on me.” I told him.

Part of my mind marveled at how calmly I said that. I broke down into tears when I told Caitlin. Yet here I was telling Josh and though it hurt to think about, I was able to say it without crying.

“Oh Sydney, I’m sorry to hear that. You want me to go break his knees?” He asked.

“That’s sweet of you Josh,” I said, hoping he was joking. “No. Thank you though. I’m done with him. We had only been together for a couple of months. I just want to forget about him now.”

“Well, if you want to get your mind off of things, you’re welcome to come over tonight. My roommates and I are going to have some drinks and play board games.”

“Thank you. I’m not sure I’ll be in the mood for gaming tonight, but I’ll think about it.” I told him with a smile.

Sufficiently cooled down, I stopped the treadmill and stepped off of it. I watched him for a minute as he went back to running, admiring the way his muscles rippled and flexed under his skin as he ran. Smiling, I headed to the locker room.

I took advantage of the privacy to take a shower. I stripped down and placed my clothes in a locker near the showers. With only a towel wrapped around me and my bright pink flip flops on, I found a stall with a curtain. I hung the towel up on the hook outside of it and stepped under the showerhead.

It wasn’t until the frigged water hit me, making me gasp in shock, that I remembered that I should have turned the water on before entering the stall. Thankfully it did not take long for the water to heat up and in no time the heat was soaking into my muscles, easing the tension in my neck and back.

What will Sydney do tonight?

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