An erotic short.

Spectral Lust


Elizabeth Luxe

Most older towns have their legends. Their haunted places. Their spooks. Well so does mine. My towns ghost doesn’t haunt a decrepit old mansion or a spooky forest. No, he haunts a hotel. Specifically, room 529 of the Bestin Hotel.

When I first started working there, everyone warned me about that room. Never go in it alone. Never book a guest in it if there were any other choice. And most importantly, never admit that there was anything wrong with that room. Your average hotel guest doesn’t want to hear about how the room they are paying $150 a night for might be visited by a ghost, and no matter how much you assured them that the ghost only visited room 529, you could bet that they would be demanding a refund when they left in the morning.

From time to time, people would specifically request that room. Paranormal societies, so-called ghost hunters, people that have been dared to. We always advised them that we had much nicer rooms, and would offer things like complimentary spa treatments and dinner to pick a different room, but when they insisted, we had to put them in that room.

I had been working here for over a year when I had my first encounter. It had been over six months since our last disturbance, and I was beginning to write the entire thing off as an elaborate prank the staff played on new employees.

We had received a couple of complaints from guests on the fifth floor. They said someone had their tv up really loud and it was disturbing their sleep. I was about to leave for the night when the call came in, so I offered to check into it before going home.

Stepping out onto the fifth floor, I could hear the offending tv immediately. Approaching the door, I knocked on it. The tv continued to blare.

“Management,” I called as I knocked a little harder. Again there was no answer.


I pulled out my ID and slid it into the reader attached to the door knob. With a beep and a flashing green light, the door unlocked.

“Management.” I identified myself as I entered the room.

It was dark, so I reached over and moved my hand along the wall until I found the light switch. Turning on the lights, I stepped the rest of the way into the room, letting the door swing shut behind me.

The sitting room and bathroom were empty. But I could hear the TV in the bedroom quite clearly. I knocked on the bedroom door before sliding it open. The room was lit by the flickering glow of the television, and from the light coming in behind me. The bed was made, and there wasn’t anyone there.

Sighing, I walked over and turned the TV off. Darkness shrouded the room. Too much darkness. I jerked around, to see that the door between the bedroom and the sitting room had shut. As I stepped towards it, the glow of light around its edges died.

“Hello?” I called out, fear causing my voice to quiver slightly.

What must have been a slight breeze sent shivers across the back of my neck, causing me to jerk around.

“I-is anyone there?” I called out, slowly making my way towards where I thought the door was.

“Mine!” I faint voice echoed around the room.

A sudden pressure against my shoulders and I was falling backward.

Somehow I must have gotten turned around, for I landed on the bed, hard enough to slide up to the top of it.

A pressure over my mouth stopped me from crying out.

“Shh.” Said a voice next to my ear. “Relax. Enjoy it.”

Looking down, eyes wide with panic, I could see the buttons on my top coming undone. First one, then another and another. As I tried to reach up, to stop it, an invisible force held my hands down.

“P-please!” I cried out. “Let me go!”

“Mine!” The voice whispered in my ear.

A curious sensation, like teeth running over my collar bone, made me draw a shuddering breath.

The last button was undone, my shirt spread apart, exposing the pale flesh of my stomach, and my white bra.

The feeling of hands squeezing my breasts, as the feeling of a warm breath made the flesh over my ribs shiver.

Something pulled me upright. A force kept me sitting, though I had nothing to lean back against. What felt like hands around my wrists pulled my arms straight up. My shirt felt like it got yanked up flying off my arms, landing somewhere in the darkness.

One by one, I could feel the hooks on the clasp of my bra snap, as the clasp was pulled roughly apart. Finally undone, something yanked my bra off, flinging it into the darkness.

What felt like a hand grasped my right breast, spectral fingers digging into it firmly, but not painfully.

“Oh fuck yes!” I gasped at the feeling of my nipple being bit.

Invisible, irresistible hands pushed me down on my back, then rolled me over onto my stomach.

What felt like fingernails dragged their way down by back, on either side of my spine, making me moan loudly.

I could feel my shoes go flying off, followed by my socks. Firm hands pulled my pants off, followed by my panties.

I was laying there, face buried in a pillow, naked, as invisible hands worked their way up and down my body.

A sharp stinging slap on my ass caused me to cry out in pleasure.

My hips were pulled up in the air, and the sharp repeated slaps on my ass made me bite the pillow, so my moans and cries of pleasure didn’t bother the other guests.

Suddenly, I was floating above the bed. It felt like my entire body was being enveloped.

Hands squeezed my ass. A tongue was working its way around my ear. Lips were caressing mine. A mouth was on my neck. Both my nipples were being nibbled on.

I was panting and moaning into the invisible mouth. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and sensation.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, my legs were spread apart, and what felt like a large cock slid into my dripping wet pussy.

I could still feel what had to have been a dozen invisible hands groping every squeezable part of my body. My breasts were being squeezed while my nipples were being pinched. Large hands were groping my ass, their fingers digging into my skin. My legs were being held apart by hands gripping my thighs. Invisible hands were gripping my wrists and ankles.

Faster and faster the invisible cock thrust into me. My moaning grew louder and louder. Shuddering waves of pleasure coursed through me. As the pressure built in my quivering pussy, a hand reached around my throat. With each thrust of the invisible cock, I could feel the pressure around my throat increasing.

As the orgasm built between my legs, my vision started fading. Colorful stars exploded across my vision as my body convulsed in the throes of orgasm. As the orgasm faded, all the hands holding me up, groping me, choking me, they all faded at once.

I dropped down four feet, landing sprawled on the bed, its covers still made. The only sound left in the room was my panting moans, slowly dying away as the pleasure of the orgasm faded.

Sitting up after I got my limbs back under control, I looked around trying to find my clothing. Reaching blindly, I found the lamp on the nightstand and turned it on. Blinking rapidly, I waited for my eyes to adjust to the sudden light.

Once my vision cleared, I looked around and found my clothing. Hanging down from the mirror above the dresser was my bra. My shirt was hanging over the tv. My shoes and pants were piled together on the floor at the foot of the bed.

It wasn’t until I started dressing again that I realized my panties were missing…


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