I had always been fascinated by stage magicians. I had learned how all the card tricks and coin tricks were done. I had even been able to figure out some of the more popular illusions. My biggest dream was being able to perform magic in front of thousands. Sadly, I was too clumsy for most of the tricks, and worse yet I didn’t have the charm or charisma required for stage magic. So I had gone in the other direction. Instead of amazing crowds, I mesmerized individuals. I learned the subtle art of reading people, and of hypnosis.

“What are you two doing?” A strange feminine voice asked from the other side of the fence.

I looked at Brian and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Come on over and we’ll show you,” Brian shouted back before answering me. “I told you I had new neighbors, didn’t I? Frank and Melissa, and their nineteen-year-old daughter Kyra.”

The gate in the back of the fence opened and a young woman, Kyra I guessed, walked in. My jaw dropped. She was stunning. She was wearing short shorts and a tight shirt that came down just below her ribs. Her legs were long and shapely, her breasts strained at the fabric of her shirt. She had bronze skin and long golden brown hair that hung down to her waist. When she got close enough, to make them out clearly, I was mesmerized by her bright green eyes.

“So what are you two doing out here?” She asked again.

“Daniel is a hypnotist,” Brian told her.

“Yeah right.” She said scornfully.

“It’s true! Watch, he can hypnotize me!” Brian insisted.

I had been working with Brian for almost a year now, so he was so used to going into the state of hypnosis that working with him was easy. Suddenly, under the disbelieving eyes of this beautiful young woman, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if I could do it!

“Go ahead, Houdini.” She said as she sat down.

“Fine. Brian, close your eyes and focus on the sound of my voice.” I told him, pushing all other thoughts and worries out of my mind. “Ignore the cars on the street. Ignore the birds. There is only the sound of my voice.”

I walked around behind him and looked down at him.

“Now you can hear something else. A rhythmic thumping. The beating of your heart. Focus on it. Focus on how hard each beat is. Focus on how long the silence between beats is. Now focus on slowing them down. Slower. Slower. Focus on the silence. Slower. All that exists is the silence between heartbeats. Let your head drop down until your chin is resting on your chest. Let your arms fall limply to hang at your sides. Now every time I snap my fingers and say sleep, you are going to return to this state.”

I stepped back out of his way.

“Now, every time I clap my hands you are going to bark,” I told him. “Go ahead and open your eyes.”

Brian lifted his head and looked around blinking his eyes.

“What is your address?” I asked him.

“4512 Sycamore,” Brian started to recite, but I clapped my hands together interrupting him, making him bark a lot like his small terrier dog.

I made him bark a dozen more times as I walked around the table having him recite whatever occurred to me.

“Is that it?” Kyra asked unbelievingly. “How do I know he isn’t just playing along to trick me?”

“Sleep,” I said as I snapped my fingers.

Instantly, Brians’ arms dropped to his side and his head fell to his chest. His breathing slowed and his eyes closed.

“You don’t know. The only way to prove it to you is to hypnotize you.” I told her.

I snapped my fingers again.

“Brian, I am going to count backward from three.” I snapped my fingers again. “When I reach one and snap my fingers, you are going to wake up. Three. Two. One.”

I snapped my fingers and instantly Brian sat upright.

“Your neighbor thinks you were just playing along,” I told him.

“Why, what’d you have me do?” He asked.

“Made you bark like a dog. But she doesn’t believe it. I told her I could hypnotize her to prove it to her.”

“Yeah! You should let him hypnotize you, Kyra, it’s amazing. It’s so relaxing.”

“I still think you’re both lying to me. There is no such thing as hypnosis!” She demanded.

“Sure there is. You just watched me hypnotize Brian. You’re just scared it is going to work and that we’re going to make you do something silly.” I told her.

“Fine. If you can really hypnotize me, you can make me do anything you want. If you can’t, you have to do anything I want you to for the rest of the day.” She said at last.

“Alright, but you have to do what I tell you. It may seem like nonsense, but you have to at least try.”

I pulled my chair over across the table from her and sat down facing her.

“Lean back and place your hands on the table between us.” I told her. “Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe in. Three, two one. Breathe out. Three two one.”

I talked her through breathing exercises for a couple of minutes. I could see her body relaxing as she followed my instructions.

“Now, feel your right hand. Feel the pressure on it where it’s touching the table.” I reached out and stroked a finger across her wrist.

“I just tied a cord around your wrist that is attached to a bunch of floating balloons. Dozens of them. You can feel them pulling at your wrist, making your arm lighter and lighter. You can feel your arm floating.”

I watched as her arm raised off the table. Her hand was hanging down, it looked like a cord tied around her wrist was lifting it up.

“The balloons are pulling at your arm so much that you feel it pulling you out of your chair.”

Her arm raised up even higher. Like someone sleepwalking she stood up out of her chair, her arm raised high above her head. I stood in front of her and placed my hand on the back of her head. She watched me but did not react.

I snapped my fingers with one hand and pulled her head forward against my shoulder abruptly.

“Close your eyes and sleep now!” I said at the same time. I felt her body sag against mine and held her against me to keep her from falling. “Good. Deeper and deeper. Down. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

I snapped my fingers with each word.

“Completely safe. Completely free. I’m going to sit you down in your chair.”

I lowered her down into her chair.

“Every time I say sleep and snap my fingers your eyes are going to close and your head is going to fall forward and you will return to this state of hypnosis. Now you can open your eyes. Now sleep.” I snapped my fingers.

I turned to Brian.

“What should we do with her?” I asked him.

“She’s completely hypnotized?” He asked uncertainly.

I realized he had never seen me hypnotize someone else before.

“Yeah. She will do whatever I tell her to. Watch.” I told him.

I turned back to Kyra and snapped my fingers.

“When I snap my fingers again you will wake up. Once you are awake, every time I clap my hands you are going to slap yourself. Go ahead and wake.” I said and snapped my fingers.

“Why don’t you tell Brian about the classes you are taking?” I told her.

She began to talk about her college classes, and periodically I clapped my hands. Each time I did she slapped herself. She never reacted to it though. I did this for a couple of minutes before snapping my fingers and telling her to sleep.

Instantly her head fell to her chest, eyes closed, and her breathing slowed.

“She won’t remember any of that?” Brian asked once he quit laughing.

“Nope. Though she might wonder why her cheek is sore.” I said.

An idea popped into my head. I had never considered it before, mostly because most of the people I practiced on were guys, but suddenly it occurred to me that I could make this woman do anything and she would.

“Kyra, when I snap my fingers again, you are going to wake up and take all your clothes off,” I told her.

“No way!” Brian said. “Will she do that?”

“Only one way to find out,” I said and snapped my fingers. “Wake!”

Kyra’s eyes opened and she reached up and pulled her shirt off. We watched as she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. Brian gasped when it joined her shirt on the floor.

Kyra had amazing breasts. They weren’t huge but just big enough to wrap your fingers around and squeeze. Her nipples were delicate pink nubs surrounded by dark circles. She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts. She grabbed them by the waistband and shimmied out of both her shorts and her panties. She had a small arrow of pubic hair leading the way to her delicious pussy.

“Sleep,” I said and snapped my fingers.

Kyra’s eyes closed and her head dropped to her chest. I got up and pulled her chair away from the table and placed it in the middle of the patio.

“Kyra, when I snap my fingers again, you are going to wake up, go sit down in the chair behind you and begin masturbating. You will not stop masturbating, and will only orgasm when I snap my fingers and say cum. Now three, two, one, wake!”

I snapped my fingers. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked around. When she saw where I placed her chair she walked over to it and sat down on it. It was the kind of patio chair that could lean back into a lounge chair. Kyra leaned back in it and spread her legs apart.

Brians jaw dropped when she began to finger herself. I leaned back in my seat and enjoyed the show. This wasn’t porn star masturbation. It wouldn’t look good on camera. Her moaning gradually grew louder. I could see light glinting off the wetness on her fingers and the juices dripping down her crack. My cock was stiffening in my pants. I glanced over and could see that Brian was getting hard too.

“Sleep,” I said and snapped my fingers.

Instantly her eyes closed and her head fell to her chest. All movement stopped, though she still had her fingers in her pussy.

“What do you want her to do now?” I asked him, already sure of the answer.

“Can we fuck her?” He asked nervously.


I got up and walked over to his hot tub. Sitting next to it was a really sturdy table that they used to hold drinks while hot tubbing. It looked like it was just the right height and width for what I had in mind. I pulled it out into the middle of his patio and went over to Kyra.

“Kyra, when I snap my fingers and say wake again, you are going to sit on this table and lay back. You are going to lie there and enjoy letting us fuck you. You are going to swallow any cum that is shot into your mouth. Now three, two, one, wake!”

When she heard my fingers snap she woke up and went over to the table, and sat on it waiting for us to come to have our way with her.

“Why don’t you go fuck her mouth, while I have my way with her pussy,” I said.

I let my pants and boxers fall to the patio floor, letting my hard cock stand at attention. Stepping between her legs I grasped my cock and rubbed its head against her wet pussy. She moaned as I rubbed it up and down her lips, letting her wetness lubricate it. When I couldn’t take anymore, I eased my cock into her. Slowly, I slid all the way into her. Once inside her, I pushed her back till she was lying on the table with her head hanging over the other end. I lifted her legs up made her grab her ankles, holding them up and spread apart.

“Well?” I asked Brian.

He was still sitting down. At my question, he jumped up and yanked his pants down, almost falling over in his haste to get out of them. He rushed over and slid his hard cock into her waiting mouth. He braced his hands against the table and began to fuck her mouth. Slow at first, but as he got into it he began to fuck her mouth faster and harder. Soon I could hear his balls slapping against her face.

I turned my attention back to what I was doing. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs, and pushed them up, forcing her knees against her chest. She was still holding onto her legs. Keeping my hands on her thighs I began. With smooth steady strokes, I slid my throbbing cock in and out of her tight wet trembling pussy. I could hear her moaning around Brians cock. My balls slapped against her ass with each thrust and I could feel her juices begin to drip down them. I fucked her harder. Each thrust slamming home deep into her pussy.

I slid my hand down her leg and began gently rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her entire body was shaking as she came. I looked up in time to see Brian jerk and spasm as he came in her mouth. Thrust into her a couple more times, before pulling his cock out of her mouth and collapsing back on the chair Kyra had been sitting in.

With his cock no longer in her mouth, Kyra’s moans and whimpers got real loud as the orgasms wracked through her body. I could feel the walls of her pussy clenching and spasming around my cock, trying to pull my cum deep inside. I held it off as long as I could. Doing math problems in my head as I fucked her pussy, but I couldn’t keep going forever. I felt it building with each thrust. Each time her pussy contracted around my cock. Each time my balls slapped against her ass. Pressure. Like a balloon being filled past its breaking point. My legs almost gave out when the dam burst. I grunted and my entire body jerked as I exploded inside of her. I could feel my hot thick cum forcing its way out of my cock with each thrust. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the table on either side of her for support and continued thrusting my cock into her. More and more cum shooting out of it.

I couldn’t keep it going for long, and finally, with a shudder, I pulled out of her. The warm spring air felt cold against my twitching cock. I collapsed back in my chair and laid there panting. I could see a little more cum dripping from the head of my cock as I caught my breath.

“Sleep,” I said and snapped my fingers.

I couldn’t see her face, as she was still on the table, but once my fingers snapped, her arms dropped to the table beside her and her legs fell down, her feet dangling a couple of inches above the floor.

“Kyra, when I say wake and snap my fingers, you’re going to get up and come over to me. You are going to get down onto your hands and knees. You are going to lick up every bit of your wetness and my cum that is on me. When you’ve licked me clean, you are going to suck my cock. Now, three, two, one, wake!”

With a snap of my fingers, she did as she was told. She licked the inside of each thigh clean first, then began cleaning my cock with her tongue. She spent a couple of minutes licking it clean, during which my cock grew hard and stood at attention. I spread my legs wide apart as she worked her way down, her tongue working its way around my balls. Once she had them cleaned, I reached around and lifted them up, holding them out of the way as she worked her tongue down further until she was licking that sensitive area between the anus and the testicles.

Once she had me cleaned, she raised her head up and wrapped her lips around my cock. She reached down and fondled my balls as she took me into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down with a steady rhythm, her lips sliding up and down my shaft as she squeezed and kneaded my balls.

Brian finally sat back up and watched as she went to town on my cock. I saw him reach down and stroke his cock until it grew hard. He got down on his knees behind her and slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She moaned around my cock and it felt amazing. I leaned back, and closed my eyes, just enjoying it. I’m normally not quick to come the second time, but with her moaning around my cock, I was ready to explode within a couple minutes. I grabbed her head with both hands and as the orgasm built in me thrust my hips, slamming my cock deep down her throat with each thrust until I exploded in her, shooting load after load of hot thick cum into her mouth. When I couldn’t keep going I pulled her head down against me and held it there. I could feel her swallowing, trying to swallow as much of my cum as she could. I shuddered a couple of times as she drew more cum out of me.

I finally let her head go, letting my cock fall out of her mouth as it went limp. She lay there moaning, her head laying on my thigh, as Brian continued to fuck her. He started fucking her harder, slapping her ass from time to time until his whole body convulsed and he shot his load inside of her. He finally pulled out and went and collapsed into his chair.

I reached down and pulled Kyra up until her head was resting on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her.

“Sleep,” I said and snapped my fingers.

I just lay there, holding her against me. Enjoying it. But eventually, it was time to end it.

“Kyra, the next time I snap my fingers, you’re going to come fully awake. You are going to remember what we did, and remember that you said we could have you do anything if I could hypnotize you. You will remember that you enjoyed it. Now, come out of it. Up, rise up. Your mind is floating up, up, as high as the clouds. You know where you are. You are aware of your surroundings. Up, up. And wake up!”

When I snapped my fingers, instantly her body tensed against mine. Her eyes flew open and she looked up at me, then down at herself. It took her a minute to fully comprehend things.

I looked over and saw Brian pulling his pants back on. I looked down to find Kyra staring at me.

“I should have known that this is what you’d do with a hypnotized woman. Still, I do feel amazing now.” She said, smiling at the end.

“Well, you did say anything…”