“So tell me again, how’s this party thing work?” I asked
Steve as he drove.

“It’s simple man. It’ll be dark in the house. The only
lights will be black lights, neon, and strobes in the main room. Music will be
playing throughout the house. When we get there, there will be bowls of those
glow stick bracelets. Take two of them, depending on what you’re looking for.
One to indicate your sex, a blue one for guys, pink for women. Then one to
indicate a preference, green if you’re open to either sex, blue if you’re
looking for a guy, and red if you’re looking for a woman.” Steve explained.

“Then what? People just hook up randomly without even
knowing who they are having sex with?” I asked incredulously.

“Yup. If someone grabs your hand and squeezes, it means they
want to have sex. Squeeze back once for yes or twice for no. Then find a place
to do it if you’re up for it. There’ll be plenty of beer if you’re thirsty.”

When we got to the place, Steve had to park a block away,
the street was full of cars. We walked up to the house, and I could hear
muffled music, and it looked like Steve was right. The only light coming out
through the dark windows as flashes of neon colors. We each grabbed our
bracelets, broke the little capsules inside them to activate them and put them
on as we headed into the house.

Right inside the door were the kegs of beer and red solo
cups that were omnipresent at parties across the nation. Steve quickly
disappeared into the house, while I hung around the beer area. I downed three
beers for courage and filled my cup a fourth time before heading in.

Steve had been right. The music was loud enough to make
casual conversation impossible. It was dark, but between the strobe light
flashing to the beat of the music, and the black lights, you could see well
enough to make your way through the dancing crowd, but there wasn’t nearly
enough light to make out who anyone was even up close. Though it seemed that a
lot of the people came prepared. A lot of women and some of the men had body
paint on that glowed under the blacklights. Based on how much paint you could
see glowing on a person, you could tell whether they were clothed or nude. From
the looks of it, most of the people were either partially or completely naked.

It was funny, while some of them had cool patterns painted
on them, others used the paint like street signs. Neon colored arrows pointing
to their mouths or pussies or cocks. Breasts outlined by neon. Words like slut
or whore painted on them.

I wandered room to room, looking for a place to sit down or
something. From time to time women came up and squeezed my hand. Each time I
squeezed back twice for no, even though I could feel my cock growing hard in my
pants at the thought of what I was turning down.

Every couch and chair was taken, usually by people either
making out or having sex. In what seemed to be the living room, the coffee
table had two women bent over it, each one with a guy behind her going to town
on her pussy, and a guy in front of her, fucking her mouth. I watched for a
minute as the four guys fucked the girls silly. My cock was throbbing against
my pants by now.

I stood leaning against a wall, watching one woman whose
body was painted all over. She had arrows on each cheek pointing to her mouth.
Across her belly were the words “Cum Slut”. From time to time a guy would
approach her, squeeze her hand. Some of them would stick their cocks in her
mouth, grab the sides of her head and go to town on her. Others would stand
there and let her take the lead and blow them. Once they were done they would
wander away and she would just wait until the next guy approached her.

I watched her get used by half a dozen guys like this. After
each of them, she drank some of her beer, then waited for the net one. Not once
did I see her turn a guy away. I finished my beer and worked up the courage to
approach her. She held her hand up to me and I squeezed it, she squeezed back
yes, leaned forward and opened her mouth.

I slid the tip of my cock into her waiting mouth. She
wrapped her lips around my shaft and ran her tongue over my head. She reached
out and fondled my balls as she slid her mouth down my shaft, taking more and
more of my cock in her mouth. She kneaded my balls in her hand as she worked
her way up and down my shaft, the tip of her tongue and the ball of her tongue
ring pressed firmly against the underside of my shaft as she worked my cock in
and out of her mouth. She was good. Enthusiastic about sucking cock.

I grabbed the banister behind her and stiffened as I could
feel the orgasm building. I clinched every muscle I could, trying to hold off
cumming as long as I could. I was trembling by the time I couldn’t take it
anymore and let go. Relaxing everything but my legs, I reached down and grabbed
her head. She relaxed instantly, and I started fucking her mouth. Faster and
harder, I thrust my cock in her. I could feel my balls slapping against her
chin. As the orgasm built inside of me I pulled her mouth down my shaft as far
as I could. She relaxed my cock slid further into her and down her throat as I
exploded inside her. I kept thrusting as I could feel load after load of my cum
shoot into her mouth.

When she felt me stop, she leaned back, sliding my cock out
of her mouth. She grabbed my shaft and licked up the last of the cum that was
dripping out of my cock. Once there was no more to lick up, she kissed the tip
of my cock, then reached for her beer. I pulled my pants up and went back to my
spot against the wall. I sat down on an end table and caught my breath. I
watched as three more guys took their turns fucking her mouth.

Tired, and not sure where Steve disappeared to, I wandered
room to room, before finding a room with an unoccupied mattress on the floor. A
couple was fucking on the main bed, but I figured they wouldn’t mind if I
passed out on the mattress on the floor.

I laid there for a while, thinking about how great it felt
to have a stranger suck my cock. I opened my eyes as I felt the mattress shift
as someone else climbed onto it and laid down next to me. I could see the
silhouette of someone laying between me and the door. By the glow bracelets, I
could tell that it was a woman and that she was open to either a man or a woman
for sex.

She grabbed my hand and ran it over her body before
squeezing. I squeezed back and ran my hand up and down her body again. I could
feel my cock straining against my pants. She spread her legs for me and I slid
my hand between them. She was smooth, freshly waxed it felt like, I slid a
finger between her lips and rubbed them. I leaned over and made out with her as
I fingered her tight wet pussy.

Once she came, she pulled my hand away from her pussy and
kneeled at my feet, she undid my belt and pulled my pants off. I shivered
slightly as the cool air hit my hard cock. She spread my legs apart and crawled
between them.

She started stroking my cock as she leaned in and licked my
balls. It felt great having her tongue licking my balls, but after a while, it
got a little boring. If I had wanted a handjob, I would have done it myself.
Finally, I reached down and grabbed her hand and pulled it away from my cock.
Taking the hint, I felt her tongue caress the underside of my shaft and finally
her lips wrapped tightly around the head of my cock. Her tongue flicked over my
head as she caressed my balls with her hand. She slid her mouth down my
throbbing shaft, taking inch after inch of me inside her as her tongue pressed
firmly against the underside of my shaft. I felt her gag a little bit as my
cock reached her throat, her lips just over halfway down my shaft. She grasped
my shaft firmly with her free and began to bob her head up and down, her tongue
running along my shaft as she worked it in and out of her mouth, slowly at
first, then faster and faster.

Once she got going, it didn’t take long before I felt that
familiar pressure building in my cock. I reached down and tapped her on the
shoulder as I could feel the orgasm building. She squeezed my balls firmly and
sent me over the edge. My body convulsed as I exploded in her mouth. She kept
going, her lips sliding up and down my shaft, her tongue pressed firmly against
the underside of my shaft each time she pulled back. It felt like she was
milking my cock as each time she raised her head, it created a suction feeling,
drawing another shot of cum out of me.

I could feel her swallowing each shot of cum. When there
wasn’t any more for her to suck out of me, she lifted her head. I could see her
silhouette block what little light was coming in through the open door as she
sat up. It was dark, but the strobbing light from the front room, along with the
black lights scattered around the place let just enough light into the bedroom
that I could make out her outline well enough. I wish there had been more
light, I would have loved to see her body. Her breasts were on the smallish
size, but I bet that with her perky little nipples, that they
looked amazing.

She laid down on top of me, straddling my waist. Her mouth
found mine and she slid her tongue into my mouth. In a small corner of my mind,
I was a little grossed out by the fact that I had just shot load after load of
my thick hot cum into that mouth not even a minute ago. The rest of me figured
that if she was willing to take my cock in her mouth and let me cum inside her,
the least I could do is make out with her when she wanted to.

I could feel my cock growing hard between us as she grinded
against me. Her moans were felt, more than heard over the music. She sat up and
grabbed my cock. Lifting herself, she placed the tip against her tight wet
pussy and rubbed in back and forth before sliding down my hard shaft. She took
all nine inches of me inside of her tight pussy. I reached up and cupped one of
her breasts, pinching her nipple. She rode me, slowly, gyrating her hips
against me each time she came down on me. I could feel the vibration of her
moans through her chest.

She stopped riding me, and leaned forward, holding herself
up with one hand, while grabbed my other hand and pulled it up to her throat.
She was still grinding against me, and I could feel the muscles in her pussy
tighten rhythmically around my cock as she did. She squeezed my hand, which I
took to mean she wanted me to choke her. I squeezed her throat, lightly at
first, but when she tightened her grip on my wrist a couple of times, I
squeezed harder and harder until she relaxed her grip on my wrist. Her grinding
started to get jerky, and I could feel her entire body shudder as her she came.
She squeezed the muscles around my cock as hard as she could.

I let go of her throat as she collapsed against me
shuddering. I could feel her wetness spread from her pussy. Her pussy was still
quivering around my hard cock. She put her mouth next to my ear and practically
yelled over the music.

“Use me, daddy. Make me your little slut. Punish me.” She
nibbled on my earlobe between each sentence.

As I sat up, she wrapped her arms around me and rested her
head against my shoulder. I looked around the room. The couple in the bed
seemed to have passed out. There was a dresser though. I slapped her on the
ass, and she climbed off me. I shuddered as the cool air hit my hot slick cock.
I stood up and turned her to face the dresser. Seeing what I had in mind, she
grabbed the sides of it and bent over it.

I placed one hand on her shoulder, and the other on her ass.
I squeezed her ass cheek a couple of times before I began spanking her. Gentle
at first, light slaps against her ass. When she didn’t protest, I started
spanking her in earnest. I moved my other hand to her throat and squeezed
lightly as I spanked her harder and harder.

When my hand started to go numb, I stopped spanking her and
stepped around behind her. I eased my still hard cock inside of her. With one
hand on her hip and the other wrapped up in her long hair, I began fucking her.
Her pussy was tight against my cock, and I pulled back on her hair as I thrust
deep inside of her. As I fucked her, I wished I could hear her moaning. There
was nothing hotter than hearing a woman moan as you fucked her silly.

When I grew tired of fucking her from behind, I pulled out.
I hadn’t been close to cumming. I slapped her ass a couple of times before
turning her around. I set her up on the dresser. She leaned back against the
wall and spread her legs for me. I leaned forward and made out with her as I
slid my cock back inside her tight pussy. She moaned into my mouth as I slid
inch after inch of my throbbing cock inside her.

I squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard. I’m sure
if the music had been off I would have heard her whimper. Thinking back to the
one thing she had said to me, I let go of her tits and wrapped one hand around
her throat. Holding her face still, I slapped her. The muscles in her pussy
tightened around my cock when I did. I started to fuck her, sliding my cock in
and out of her pussy. Every half a dozen thrusts or so I slapped her again. In
no time her shudders were running through her body, and it felt like her pussy
had a death grip on my cock. I leaned forward and kissed her as the dam burst and
I exploded inside her, shooting load after load of hot cum inside of her with
each thrust. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me tightly
against her as we made out. She kept clenching around my cock, drawing every
last drop of cum out of me. I stood there panting, my cock deep inside of her.

I pulled away from her, my cock slipped out of her as I did.
She slid off the dresser and dropped to her knees in front of me. She leaned in
and began licking my flaccid cock clean. It didn’t take long for her to lick
all of her wetness off of me, and make me hard again in the process.

Once she licked me hard, she climbed back onto the mattress
and laid down. She lifted her knees towards her chest and held them there with
a hand behind each knee. I kneeled in front of her and slapped her ass a few
times. I started to rub her pussy before slapping it a couple of times as well,
making her squirm. I slid my cock inside her as she rested her legs on my
shoulders. I leaned forward, forcing her knees up towards her chest. She was
nicely flexible, and I was able to lean down and make out with her as I began
to thrust into her deep and hard.

In what seemed like no time at all, her body was shuddering
and I could feel her spasming around my cock as she came. I climbed off of her
and moved around to her head. I straddled her face and eased down on her. A
shudder ran through me as she started tonguing my ass. I knelt there, my balls
resting on her cheeks as she ate my ass for as long as I could stand. My
throbbing cock felt even harder if that were possible. When I couldn’t hold the
position anymore, I climbed off her. Sliding my arms under her shoulders and
knees, I picked her up and carried her over to the dresser. I laid her down on
it, her head hanging off one side.

I reached forward and grabbed both her breasts as I slid my
wet cock into her mouth.  She reached up
and fondled my balls as I began to fuck her mouth. She let go of my balls and
let them slap her in the face as I fucked her mouth faster and faster. I
pinched her nipples and twisted them as I thrust into her mouth, shoving my
cock down her throat. She started to gag as I thrust every inch of my cock into
her mouth, again and again, my balls slapping hard against her face each time.
The pressure quickly built inside me and before I knew it, I was shooting load
after load of cum in her mouth and down her throat. The orgasm was so intense
that my knees nearly buckled. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She grabbed my
shaft and held it there as she licked the head, licking up the last few drops
of cum as they dripped out of me. We climbed back onto the bed and fell asleep
while spooning.

The sunlight streaming in around the curtains woke me the
next morning. I was lying on my back, and she was curled up against me, one leg
draped over mine. Her arm draped over my chest. I blinked a few times until I
could see clearly. I untangled myself from her body and went to the bathroom
across the hall. While struggling to pee while dealing with the most intense
morning wood I could remember having, I noticed there was a naked chick passed
out in the tub. I closed the shower curtain to give her a little privacy, then
headed back to bed. With luck, I’d get at least another blowjob if not the
chance to fuck her again before I left.

Walking back into the bedroom, for the first time, I was
able to see who I had had sex with that night. I gasped and felt the bile
rising up my throat. I had a sudden urge to throw up. Fighting it down, I
stared down at the sleeping woman in the bed. She wasn’t some random hookup. I
threw up in my mouth a little. Swallowing it back down, I dressed as quickly
and quietly as I could and ran out of the room. Finally saying the two words
that were thundering through my mind.

“My sister…”