Authors Note: This is the sequel to House Party. Per the suggestions of a couple of readers, I have revised this story.

Trigger Warning: Incest.

Disclaimer: All characters are purely fictional and are over the age of 18. Any resemblance to a real person is entirely coincidental.

I looked at my phone as it rang and silenced it. It had been ringing on and off all morning. It was nearly noon, and I was three hours late for our family breakfast. I couldn’t face them after what I did Friday night. I sent my mom a text telling her I was sick, but apparently, that was not good enough for her. The entire family was blowing up my phone.

When I got home Saturday morning, I scrubbed myself raw in the shower. I was sick. No normal person would have slept with their sister. Something was wrong with me. Not because I unknowingly had sex with my sister. But because every time I closed my eyes, I saw it happening, and it made me aroused. Every time I thought about how good she tasted, how great it felt to be inside her, how amazing she was at sucking cock, I grew hard. That’s why I knew I was sick. No one should have such thoughts about their sister.

I must have showered twenty times since I got home yesterday morning. Every time I thought I was clean, I could feel her lips on my cock, her nails dragging down my back. I could smell her. Every time I jumped back in the shower and scrubbed and scrubbed.

A soft knocking on my door woke me. I don’t know how long I had been asleep. The knocking was more insistent this time. I looked around for a minute before letting my head fall back onto my arms. The kitchen table wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, but it would do. The knocking continued for another minute before stopping.

“Kevin, why the hell aren’t you answering your phone or the door?” A stern voice demanded from behind me.

My head shot up so fast I tumbled over backward, falling to the floor. I shook my head and looked up at the sound of the voice. I bit my tongue as I saw my sister Ashley standing there. Her yoga pants flowed over every dip and curve up her legs and over her hips. Her arms were crossed under her breasts. From my position on the floor, I could only see her eyes behind the lenses of her glasses and the top of her head over her breasts.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but leave,” I said after a moment.

“What is the matter with you? You have everyone worried! I’m not leaving until you tell me what is going on with you!” She said as she walked around me and sat at the other side of the kitchen table.

I picked up my chair and sat back down in it. I couldn’t bring myself to look my sister in the face.

“Come on Kev, talk to me. You’ve always been able to talk to me before, don’t stop now.” She said, concern heavy in her voice.

I looked up at my older sister. We had always been close. She was three years older than me. There were four of us. Ashley, me, and the twins Katie and Angela. Now that we had both moved out, we rarely saw each other outside of our family breakfasts. I also rarely saw the twins. They were five years younger than me. They had recently turned eighteen, but since they were still in high school they still lived with mom and dad.

Instead of answering her, I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out the glow bracelets I had been wearing that night. They had quit glowing sometime after I fell asleep in my sister’s arms. I tossed them on the table in front of her.

Ashley stared at the bracelets blinking but not saying anything. After a moment her face went pale as she recognized them.

“Um, Kev?” She asked uncertainly after what seemed like an eternity.

I didn’t say anything. I just reached up and pulled the collar of my shirt down to show her the bruise on my chest where she bit me.

“It wasn’t until I woke up and the sunlight was coming in through the window that I could tell it was you,” I said after a moment.

“Oh god, that was you?” She whispered. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

She jumped up and ran out of my apartment, letting the door slam behind her.

It’s been two weeks since she ran out of my house. Two weeks since I’ve talked to anyone in the family. Two weeks of going to class, going to work, then drinking myself to sleep. I was out of booze, so I stopped at the liquor store on the way home.

Ashley was sitting at my kitchen table when I got back to my apartment. She was wearing her long coat. She never did like things as cool as I did. There was an open bottle of vodka and a half-full glass sitting in front of her.

“Sit down Kevin.” She said before taking a drink.

I sat down and opened the whiskey I bought on the way home.

“I wish that night never happened. But it did. I wish neither of us knew. But we do. I wish I didn’t know what my baby brothers cum tasted like, or how good he was at eating my pussy. But I do. I wish I didn’t relive that night every time I closed my eyes, that I didn’t think of you when I tried having sex. But I do. I’m not supposed to have these thoughts about you. Not supposed to get wet every time I think about you. I am so fucking horny, and every time I try to have sex or masturbate, all I can think about is you.” She said in a rush.

“I wish it hadn’t happened too! Do you think I want to know what you taste like? I have to drink myself to sleep! I’m sick Ashley! I’ve got to be. That night was a mistake, I know that. But I should not be thinking about you the way I have been! I think I need to see someone. There must be something broken inside me.” I said.

“God damn it, Kevin, I’m not supposed to think of you like that, not supposed to want you to fuck me but I do!” She paused to finish off her vodka before continuing. “Now I’ve been so fucking horny this week that I can’t concentrate. I need to be fucked Kev! Since I can’t think of anyone but you, no matter what I do, since we’ve already had sex, you are going to fuck me damn it!”

I took another long pull off the bottle as she blurted this all out. I could feel my cock stiffening in my pants and hoped to drink away this conversation. I nearly choked when she stood up and let her jacket fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing anything under the coat. I was never going to get her out of my mind now. It was bad enough remembering the feel and taste of her, and only remembering what little I could see under the black lights and in the morning as I rushed to get away from the party. Now I could see every inch of her soft alabaster skin. I could see the wetness between her legs. I could see the shadows her nipples made on her breasts from the overhead lights.

I was speechless as she came around the table and grabbed my hand. I followed as she pulled me back to my bedroom. I could feel my cock throbbing against my pants, straining to be set free. I knew this was wrong. My cock didn’t care. I ached to be inside her.

Ashley shoved me backwards onto my bed then climbed on top of me. Her mouth found mine, and all thoughts of how wrong this was fled as she slid her tongue into my mouth. She began to grind her hips against me as we made out. My already hard cock was about ready to burst. I reached down and dug my fingers into her hips.

She climbed down my body and knelt between my legs. I fumbled with my belt, trying to get my pants off. She slapped my hands away and undid my belt and pants. My cock burst forth as she unzipped my pants. The fabric of my boxers strained to contain it. She pulled my pants and boxers down, setting my cock free.

“Oh god yes!” I moaned. “That feels amazing!”

I knew it was wrong. A small part of my mind was screaming at me that this was wrong. That part of my mind was taken outback by the primal part of my mind and beat.

I gasped as she flicked her tongue across the tip of my cock. I was so hard and so horny that I almost came as soon as she wrapped her lips around me. I began counting by threes in my head to try and distract myself. Ashley squeezed the base of my shaft as she slid her warm eager mouth up and down my cock, her tongue working my head each time she reached the top.

I was somewhere around 159 when she began to fondle my balls with her free hand. Her sucking increased and her head was moving up and down my shaft faster and faster. What was the next number? 161? I knew that wasn’t right. I felt lightning shoot down my legs and I shuddered.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I managed to gasp as I exploded in my sister’s mouth. She stopped with her lips wrapped tightly around my cock just below its tip. Her tongue began to flick up and down and she squeezed my balls as I shuddered from the strength of the orgasm. With each convulsion, I shot more cum into my sister’s mouth. She swallowed load after load.

“I, I cant.” She said as she grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room.

I was too stunned to move. I laid there, my wet cock going flaccid. What the hell was that? I couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Wake up Kevin.”

I blinked groggily and hid my eyes from the light until they adjusted. When I could finally see, I looked around for the sound of the voice. Ashley was standing next to my bed, completely naked. I was stunned. After she ran out of here two weeks ago, I had thought I wouldn’t see her again. I looked over at the clock. It was just past three.

I reached over and grabbed the half-full glass of bourbon off my nightstand and downed it.

“I can’t take it anymore! I know I’m fucked in the head, but I need you!” She demanded as she climbed on top of me.

Her breasts were right next to my face. I leaned forward slightly and sucked on her titty. She moaned as I flicked my tongue over her nipple. She yelped when I bit down slightly. I reached up and squeezed her other breast as I flicked my tongue over the nipple in my mouth a couple more times. She pressed her mouth to mine, her tongue sliding between my lips, searching out mine.

Sometime later I broke away from the kiss and pushed her over onto her back. I sat up and pulled my shirt off. I looked over her body. She had been an athlete in high school, on the girls’ basketball team. She had filled out a bit since then. The curves of her body softened, and if anything she looked better now. She had amazing breasts, with pink little rosebud nipples. Her belly was still pretty flat, but it wasn’t hard like it had been. Her hips were amazing. She is what I thought of when someone said hourglass figure.

“Spread your legs, I want to taste you!” I told her as I climbed down between her feet.

She lifted her knees and spread them apart for me, holding them wide open with a hand under each knee. Her pussy was beautiful. There was a trimmed patch of pubic hair, so pale it almost looked like peach fuzz starting in the middle of her mound and leading the way down to her delicious lips. I got on my knees in front of her and leaned forward. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the intoxicating musk of her horniness. Starting at her knees, I kissed my way up the inside of one leg and down the inside of the other, pausing to exhale slowly over her wet lips. She sucked on her lower lip and moaned as I did so.

I leaned in and kissed her mound, letting the peach fuzz tickle my lips. She gyrated her hips slightly, trying to angle her pussy up so I would lick it. Each time she did, I backed away.

“Oh god! I’m so horny! Your mouth or your cock I don’t care which! Make me come!” She moaned.

I ran the tip of my tongue lightly up her lips, with just enough pressure to make her moan, but not enough to spread her lips apart. The little voice in the back of my head, the one that just got its ass kicked by my hormones was finally silenced by the taste of her pussy. She tasted divine.

I could feel my cock stiffening as I went to town on her pussy, my tongue darting in and out of her as I took long firm licks. I held her lips apart with my hands as my tongue dove as deep inside her as it could. Her moaning got louder and faster as I licked her. Her knees fell down onto my shoulders as she lost her grip on them. I leaned into her as her thighs tightened around my head. I reached up and squeezed both her breasts as I gently worked my tongue over and around her clit. She held a pillow over her face and nearly squeezed my head off as she thrashed around while coming.

Once she uncrossed her ankles, freeing my head from her thighs, I climbed up her and kissed her. She lay there panting as she licked her wetness off of my lips and chin. I could feel my cock throbbing against her as I ached to put it inside of her.

I laid down next and she curled up next to me. I rolled over to spoon her. Her ass was rubbing against my hard cock. It felt like it was on fire.

“Fuck me, just like this? Please?” She begged.

“Do you have any condoms? I’m out and wasn’t planning on having sex today.” I told her.

“You don’t need a condom brother. You can fuck me and come inside me. I have an IUD.” She told me.

Part of me wanted to tell her no. To insist on having a condom. But what she said made sense. She had made me wear a condom at that party when we didn’t know who each other were. As long as she couldn’t get pregnant, that was all that mattered.

“Lift your knee up and guide me in,” I told her at last.

She raised her knee up, spreading her legs, but keeping both feet on the bed. She whimpered as she pressed her ass up against me. I shivered when I felt her fingers grasp the tip of my cock. She guided my hard throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. I grabbed her by her hip and slid my cock as deep inside of her as I could. We both moaned. It felt amazing to be inside of her again.

With one hand on her hip, I pushed against her back with the other, pushing her body away from me, so that I was at a better angle to fuck her. I began thrusting as deep into her as I could. Each time I thrust my cock into her, I felt it hit her g-spot, the soft front wall of her pussy, which made her cry out. I kept my thrusts slow and deep, taking my time. Before long, I was having to count by threes again to keep myself from coming too quick. Her body was shuddering as she came, her moans getting louder as the orgasm exploded in her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy trembling around my cock as I continued to fuck her.

When I knew I was really close to coming, I pulled out. She laid there like a limp doll as I got up. I looked down and my cock shone in the light, her wetness covering me. I grabbed her arm and pulled her head towards the edge of the bed. She just laid there and let me move her as she panted.

She looked up at me and opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out. I slid my wet cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my shaft as I leaned forward and rested my hands on her breasts, squeezing them tightly.

I began thrusting into her mouth, my balls swinging with each thrust. I kept my thrusts shallow at first. Pulling out just far enough that all that was left in her mouth was the tip of my cock. And then back in until my, I was almost to her throat. After a while, she reached up and grabbed my hips. When I started to thrust down into her mouth, she tightened her grip on my hips and pulled me farther into her. My balls slapped against her face as she pulled me all the way into her mouth, my cock going down her throat. She let go of my hips and gave me a thumbs-up sign.

I leaned farther forward and placed my hands on the bed on either side of her hips. I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. My balls slapping against her face with each thrust as I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her mouth and then shoving it back down her throat as deep as I could. I don’t know how many strokes it took, but in less than a minute I felt the orgasm build inside of me. The pressure grew and grew until I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded in her mouth. I thrust a couple more times, shooting my hot cum in her mouth with each thrust, then I stood up. I licked my hand and grabbed my cock. She kept her mouth open wide as I masturbated over her, shooting load after load at her. Some of them made it into her mouth. Most of my cum ended up on her face.

I watched as she swallowed what she could. I walked over to my bathroom and grabbed a towel and filled a cup with water for her. I sat against the edge of my dresser as I watched her clean herself up. When she was done, she walked over to me, and wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and began playing with my limp cock. She licked it and sucked on it and played with it until once again it was standing at attention. Looking pleased with herself she sat back and looked up at me.

“Can I ride you please?” She asked giving me an innocent look.

I nodded and laid down on the bed. She climbed on top of me and eased my cock inside of her. She began grinding her hips against mine, moaning as she did so. I watched her as she closed her eyes and gyrated. Reaching up, I squeezed both of her large breasts, digging my fingers into them. Her moans got more primal as I did so. Eventually, she began to slide up and down my shaft slowly. She would grind her hips against me when she was all the way down, lift her self up partway, slide back down and grind against me again. It wasn’t long before she began panting as she moaned and I could feel the walls of her pussy spasming around my cock.

Once she came, I pulled her down against me and rolled over so I was on top of her. She lay there panting as I began to fuck her. She lifted her knees up on either side of me and I fucked her harder, my balls slapping against her ass as she whimpered with each thrust. Her whimpers turned back into moans, and before long she was shuddering as she came again, this time when I felt her muscles spasming around my cock, I buried my face in the crook of her neck and bit her as the orgasm exploded out of me. With each shuddering thrust load after load of my cum shot into my sister’s eager pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, and we laid there holding each other panting as we caught our breath. I felt myself go limp inside of her and finally rolled over off of her. She rolled over onto her side and curled up against me, a smile on her face.

She nodded with a smile and closed her eyes again.

“You need to be punished,” I told her at last.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and patted my lap.

“What? Why?” She asked. “Didn’t you enjoy that?”

“Of course I did, and so did you! I would have been able to get you out of my head eventually before this. That is why you need to be punished.” I said. “Now come lay across my lap so I can spank you.”

With a sullen look, she walked over to me and laid down across my lap. She cried out when I slapped her ass.

“Now, I am going to spank you twenty times. You are to count each spanking. If you lose count, forget what number you are on, or say anything other than the number, I am going to start over. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” She said sullenly.

She cried out the number each time my hand hit her ass. She did pretty well, she got to nine before losing count the first time. She made it to fifteen the second time. My hand was going numb, but I didn’t let off. It took four tries to make it to twenty. By the time we were done, her ass was bright red and covered in welts. I helped her sit up and could see tears rolling down her face.