In three years of attending classes at this university, I had never been summoned to a professors office before.

I had just sat down to eat dinner in the cafe near my dorm when I saw the notification on my phone showing that I had an email from Professor Clarke. Stacey as she preferred to be called. I didn’t think much of it and continued eating. She frequently emailed her students. Sending critiques on papers they’ve turned in, or links to websites, videos, and news articles that she felt were related to the topics they were studying.

I was packing my laptop and books up when I remembered that I had an email waiting. Pulling out my phone, I tapped on the email icon and opened her message. I was stunned to see, instead of feedback, or a news article, a request.

Steven, I need to see you in my office as soon as possible. An urgent matter has come up. I will be here most of the evening.
-Prof. Stacey Clarke.

What could she possibly want this late? I wondered as I hurried across the campus to the building her office was in. My student ID let me through the locked doors. The building was eerily empty. Every other time I had been in it, there were hundreds of students and professors in the classrooms or walking through the halls, making enough noise that it drowned out most conversation.

The elevator chime was startlingly loud. I pressed the button for the 8th floor and was rather surprised at how fast it could get up there when it didn’t have to stop at every single floor along the way. I had been to Stacey’s office before, so it didn’t take long to find it in the maze of hallways. Hers was the only office with the lights on. Everyone else must have gone home for the day.

The door swung inward as I knocked on it.

“You needed to see me?” I asked.

Stacey was facing away from me, reaching up to place a book back on the top shelf of her bookcase. She had long curly brown hair, a white shirt tucked into a gray form-fitting skirt. The blazer she customarily wore was hanging on the coat hook next to the door. I could see her black bra through the fabric of her shirt.

She turned to face me, the book still in her hand. The top three buttons of her shirt were undone, exposing her cleavage. I had never seen her like this, she was always so reserved in class. I felt a stirring in my pants as I briefly imagined what she would look like without the shirt or bra on. She was young for a professor. Still working on her doctorate. My best guess put her in her early to mid-thirties.

“Oh yes, Steven! Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Please shut the door and take a seat.” She said with a smile.

I relaxed slightly. Whatever the reason was, it couldn’t be too bad. I let my backpack drop to the floor then took a seat in the chair she pointed at. Stacey sat back on her desk and crossed one of her legs over the other.

“Don’t worry Steven, you’re not in any trouble.” She said at last. “The opposite in fact. I hoped you would be willing to help me with a problem I’m having.”

“Of course, anything,” I said at once.

“On more than one occasion, I’ve seen you checking me out. Like you did when you walked in.” She said motioning to her breasts. “No, don’t deny it, I’m not mad. My problem is that I’m having a hard time concentrating. I am so horny that sex is all I can think about lately. It’s been six months since I found Brad cheating on me and broke up with him. Six months since I’ve felt the touch of a man.”

She reached up and unbuttoned another button as she talked. I was stunned at what she was saying. It was like I died and gone to heaven. I could feel my cock growing to strain against my pants. Another button came undone. Finally, she pulled the ends of her shirt out and took it all the way off. The only thing left to cover her voluptuous breasts was her lacy black bra. Stacy placed a foot on my knee and slid it up the inside of my thigh slowly.

She unclasped the middle of her bra and let it fall back behind her. Her pale breasts were set free and looked as amazing as I had imagined. Each the size of a grapefruit, with perky pink nipples and areola just slightly darker than the surrounding skin. My cock throbbed against my pants as she rubbed it with her foot.

Stacy stood up and squirmed out of her skirt and panties. All she had on now were the black stockings that went up to mid thigh. Sitting back, she spread her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy. It glistened in the office lighting. I dropped to my knees in front of her and ran my hands up her thighs as I leaned forward and licked her. She leaned back and moaned as I ran my tongue up each side of her lips again and again. She shuddered when I slid my tongue in between her lips. She tasted amazing.

Her moans increased as I continued to slide my tongue in and out of her delicious pussy. When her clit showed itself among her delicate folds, I started licking towards that. Getting close to it but not quite touching it. Her moans turned to whimpers before long. When I thought she was ready, I began licking her clit softly, little swirls over and around it. That sent her over the edge, Her thighs clamped around my head and she began to grind her pussy against my face as she came.

After a moment she collapsed back on her desk and let my head go. I stood up and began to undress. My cock was about to burst through the front of my pants it was so hard. Once naked, I grabbed her hands and pulled her upright. Grabbing the back of her head I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. Her lips parted and I slid my tongue into her mouth, searching for hers. I ran my other hand up her body and fondled her breast.

After a minute of making out, I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke away from her. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I turned her around and pushed her face down over her desk. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and rubbed its head against her wet pussy. We both moaned. Slowly, gently I eased my cock into her, spreading her lips apart as inch after inch slid into her. I moaned as I felt her warm wet lips engulf my cock.

With my hands on her pale hips, I began to thrust my cock deep inside of her, my hips smacking into her ass at the end of each thrust. She reached out and grasped the sides of her desk as she lay there moaning. She moaned with each thrust. I could feel the pressure building within me. I dug my fingers into the flesh of her hip and squeezed her even harder as I fucked her. Her moans turned into whimpers as an orgasm cascaded through her body. The pressure in my cock reached a breaking point. My body convulsed as I exploded in her, my cock pulsing with each load cum it shot inside of her. I let out a gasping moan as the orgasm sent shivers of ecstasy up my spine.

I held on to Stacey’s hips as I panted. From time to time her pussy clenched around my cock, sending shivers up my spine. I stepped back and my cock slid out of her. The cool air on it was startling. I stepped around her desk and sat on the small couch that took up one wall of her office. I leaned my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes. I didn’t hear her get up, and my eyes jerked open when I felt her place her hands on my knees and push them apart.

Stacey looked great on her knees between my legs. She ran her hands up my inner thighs. She took my cock in one hand and lifted it up before leaning in and licking my balls. She ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft before circling around the head of my cock. I leaned back and sighed as she licked and stroked me until I grew hard in her mouth. She slid my hard cock out of her mouth and climbed up on top of me.

As she straddled me, Stacey reached between us and grabbed my cock. After placing its head against her pussy, she eased it inside of her, moaning as she slid down my shaft. Her large breasts bounced as she rode me. I reached up and squeezed one of her breasts as she placed her hands on my shoulders. She was moaning now as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock, her ass slapping against my thighs.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth down onto mine. I pressed my lips against hers and forced my tongue into her mouth. She began to gyrate her hips, grinding her wet pussy against me. She moaned into my mouth as we made out. I could feel her clenching her pelvic muscles around my hard cock.

I let go of her head and leaned back as she resumed sliding up and down my cock, clinching each time she rose off my lap and letting go as her body slammed back down against my lap. Her moans grew louder and she began to grind against me with each stroke. Her fingers dug into my shoulders painfully and her moans turned guttural. I could feel the muscles in her pussy spasming as she arched her back in ecstasy as the orgasm exploded through her body.

When she began to falter, and finally collapsed against me whimpering, I wrapped an arm around her and lowered her down onto the couch next to me, shifting my body in order to keep my cock deep inside her. Once in position, I began to thrust into her, grinding my hips against her at the end of each thrust. It didn’t take much longer before I could feel the pressure building inside me. It took all my concentration to focus on thrusting into her as I exploded. Like a dam bursting, I could feel myself cum inside of her, more cum with each thrust, until I collapsed against her. We were both panting as we lay there, her arms and legs wrapped around me, holding me inside of her.