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Bookstore Interlude.


Elizabeth Luxe

It was nearly closing time when he came in.

“Good evening!” I greeted him with a smile, then went back to reading my book as he browsed the shelves.

Each time he came near my counter, I would glance at him out of the corner of my eye, to see if he needed anything.

“My, he’s ruggedly handsome.” I thought.

He was at least a foot taller than my 5’2″ self. He had piercing silver eyes, wavy brown hair that just barely reached down to the tops of his shoulders. He also had a full beard.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter each time I looked at him. I reached up and undid the top button of my shirt, and a few minutes later, I undid another button exposing the pale flesh between my breasts.

Before long, I was fantasizing about what it would be like to have him naked on top of me. To feel him thrusting deep inside of me. To feel his beard against my neck.

Unable to sit still anymore, I stood up and leaned on the counter, trying to seem like I was casually watching the store, but I kept finding myself watching him as he went from aisle to aisle.

Before long, he was coming up to the register. He set down a decent sized stack of books in front of me with a smile.

“I hope I didn’t keep you past closing.” He tells me.

“Oh not at all,” I tell him with a sweet smile, noticing he doesn’t have a wedding ring. “That’s quite a stack you have there.”

“Yeah. I don’t like to run out of reading material.” He responds with a smile.

As I go through the stack, ringing up his purchase, I catch him out of the corner of my eye staring at my breasts.

“Do you like what you see?” I ask him, glancing down at myself.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” He says, looking me right in the eye.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” I tell him as I reach up and undo another button. “What about now?”

“Looks rather inviting.” He says staring down into my shirt.

“Oh, they are. Would you like to see more?” I ask him as I grab my door keys.

“Yes, definitely.”

I walk up to the entryway and lock the doors and turn off the open sign. Reaching over, I hit the light switches, all of the overhead lights but a couple turn off, leaving the store dimly lit.

“Well come on!” I tell him as I grab his hand and head for the room in the back.

Once in the break room, I turn around and place the hand I’m holding on my large breast. He leans down and kisses me, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, as he squeezes my breast making me moan.

I unbutton the rest of my shirt and let it fall to the floor as he moves his hand down and around to squeeze my ass.

Reaching behind my back, I unclasp my bra and let it fall off exposing my large breasts. He moves his mouth down my neck, stopping to bite my shoulder, before moving down. I shudder as I feel his beard brush over my nipple.

Finally, his lips are on my breast, my nipple between his teeth.

“Oh.” I moan.

His hands move down my body, he fumbles at the button of my jeans before getting them open. I wiggle my ass as he pushes them and my panties down over my hips.

“Oh yeah!” I moan as he slides his hand between my legs and rubs my wet pussy.

I spread my legs slightly and bury my face in his chest as he slides a finger into me.

“Oh! Oh yes!” I moan. He has two fingers inside me, sliding them in and out rapidly as he kisses and sucks on my neck, his beard tickling my soft skin.

Reaching down, I unbutton his pants and push them down. He shifts as he kicks his shoes and pants off.

He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and holds them up to my mouth. Reaching up, I grab his hand and slide his wet fingers into my mouth. I can taste myself on him. After sucking my juices off his fingers, I drop to my knees In front of him and pull down his boxers.

He had one of the largest cocks I’d ever seen in person. Over twelve inches long, nearly as wide as a soda can in the middle, it was standing at attention, bouncing slightly with every beat of his heart.

Reaching out, I grasp his cock right behind the head. Leaning forward, I run my tongue over the head, drawing a shuddering breath from him. Wrapping my lips around the head, I start stroking my hand up and down his shaft while fondling his balls with my free hand.

Sliding my mouth down his shaft, I don’t even make it half way before his head hits the back of my throat, nearly making me gag. Stroking my hands up and down the part of his cock I can’t get my mouth on, I start sliding my mouth up and down the first few inches of his amazing tool.

He starts moaning, and before long he grabs my head and starts thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, faster and faster until he grunts loudly and a stream of hot cum hits the back of my throat. Squeezing his balls, I start swallowing, sucking every drop of cum out of him.

Sliding his cock out of my mouth, I stand up and walk over to the small fridge. Pulling out a bottle of water, I take a few drinks, rinsing his cum out of my mouth. I didn’t mind the taste of it, but it’s not something I wanted to taste for long.

Turning to face him, I see he’s taken his shirt off. Not nearly has hairy as I would have imagined based on his beard. Running my hands over his smooth toned chest, I push him backward onto a chair.

Straddling him, I grab his head and pull it into my breasts as I grind against his limp cock. He moans slightly as he kisses my breasts. He bites on of my nipples as he reaches a hand around go grope my ass. I can feel him grow hard as I continue to grind against him. Before long, his monster of a cock is shoving against my body.

Reaching down, I grasp his now hard cock and hold it in place as I ease it into my wet pussy. I moan as the head enters me. Placing my hands back around his neck, I start sliding down him, my pussy being stretched wide to accommodate his tool.  Once I’ve got half of it in me, filling me up, I start sliding up and down his cock.

“Oh fuck you’re big.” I moan as I ride his throbbing cock. Barely taking half of it in me. My breasts are bouncing in his face and his hands are squeezing my ass cheeks.

Before long, my body starts quivering, my moans get more frequent.

“Oh god! Oh yeah! I’m cumming! Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes!” I practically yell as an orgasm wracks my body.

I collapse against his body, his throbbing hard cock still halfway inside of me.

He lifts me up and turns me to face away from him as he stands. He reaches around me, groping both of my large breasts, pinching my nipples and rubbing them between his fingers. He walks me forward and shoves me face down over the break table.

“Oh yeah!” I grunt as his large rough hand smacks my ass. I grunt again as he spanks me again and again. Before long, my ass cheeks are hot and sore.

Next thing I know, he’s forcing his still hard cock back into my tired, yet wet pussy.

He grabs me by the waist and starts thrusting. Shoving his monster cock deeper and deeper into me. At first, I can feel him hit with each thrust, but before long, he’s going over halfway into me, and further.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moan as I feel his hips slap against my sore ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I beg, causing him to slap my ass hard, as he increases how fast and hard he’s thrusting into me. It feels like he’s shoving a large energy drink can into my poor sore pussy.

Before long, I start cumming again, this time only unintelligible moans come out as my entire body twitches on the table.

I squeeze down as hard as I can on his cock and before long he’s grunting, louder and faster, squeezing my hips hard, and then he rams his cock as deep into me as he can and holds it there. I feel something warm fill up my quivering pussy as he cums inside of me.

I can feel him start to go limp inside of me. Finally, he pulls out, and I can hear his wet limp cock slap against his inner thigh.

I just lay there, bent over the break room table with my ass in the air, my juices and his cum running down my legs, for a few minutes as my body continues to twitch.

Finally, once I caught my breath and got my body back under control, I turn to face him, dropping to my knees before him.

Leaning down, I slide his entire limp cock into my mouth. Even completely limp it’s almost more than I can take. Thank god he’s a grower. The taste of me on his limp cock is amazing. I start running my tongue and lips up and down every inch of him. Finally, I let his now stiffening cock slide out of my mouth.

“Thank you for the good lay.” I tell him as I sit back on the table, legs spread.

He eyes me up and down, smiling.

“The pleasure was all mine.” He said as he got dressed.

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