An erotic short.

Force me.


Elizabeth Luxe

Please be aware that this story has rape and abuse triggers. All events and people are fictional. -Liz

When you have sexual tastes like mine, finding a good partner is hard.
That’s why I’m out at three in the morning, sitting in my car on a dark side street. As I get out of the car I grab a backpack out of the backseat, throwing one strap over my shoulder before setting off down the street.
As I approach her house, I reach up and tug on the beanie I’m wearing, pulling it down into a ski mask. An amateur would have been dressed all in black and would have had his ski mask on three blocks away, rushing from shadow to shadow. I’m wearing blue jean and a green button up shirt, and walked down the sidewalk like I belonged here.
Walking around the side of the house, I found the back door to be unlocked. Damn trusting suburbia. In my neighborhood every door had a deadbolt and a chain, and more often than not your windows had bars over them.
I slip off my shoes and shove them in one of the pockets of the backpack. While the backpacks open, I pull out a bundle of cloth and a pair of handcuffs.
There is a trick to walking through a house silently. You don’t. Most people, when somewhere they don’t belong, will walk slowly, jerking to a stop every time they make a sound. The problem with that is, if there’s a squeaky floor board, it just squeaks for longer. So you just walk at a normal pace, and if a floorboard squeaks, you stop after its done squeaking, wait a moment, then continue on. It also helps to walk to the side of stairs and hallways. They are more likely to squeak in well-traveled areas.
I go room to room on the first floor, making sure there are no surprises waiting for me. Once certain that there was no one there, I head upstairs, keeping to the side of the staircase. There are four doors off the hallway here. I can hear snoring coming from one, so I take a minute to check the other three, making sure they were empty.
Heading back to the unchecked door, I’m surprised to see that it’s open a crack. Easing it open enough to slide through, I take a quick glance around the room. The bed is to the right of the door, and it looks like she’s laying on her side facing the door.
I walk over to the other side of her bed, in case she woke up. After easing my backpack to the floor, I walk over to stand beside her bed. Looking down at her, I took a few moments to control my breathing.
Mentally prepared, I pull the handcuffs out of my pocket and climb onto the bed. I shove her face down onto the bed, grabbing her arms and pulling her hands behind her back, forcing the cuffs onto her wrists.
She started to wake up as soon as I climbed onto the bed, but didn’t begin to struggle until I already had a cuff on one wrist. As I slap the open cuff on her other wrist, she starts bucking. Trying to force me off of her. I quickly grab a fist full of her hair and force her face down into one of her pillows before she started making too much noise.
Leaning down, with my mouth next to her ear, I snarl at her.
“Quit struggling slut! This is going to happen one way or another. I’ve got all manner of unseemly uses for your body, and few of them require you to be conscious.”
I lift her head off of the pillow. She starts to cry out and I shove her head back down, muffling her cries again.
“Shut up! I snarl. This will go a lot easier for you if you remain quiet. If you don’t, I’m going to have to strangle you until you pass out, and then I’ll be a lot less nice to your body. Either way, you’re getting raped, so you might as well quite down and enjoy it like the slut you are!”
Letting go of her hair, I force the cloth bag over her head and pull the drawstring tight so that it wouldn’t fall off.
I grab her by her shoulders and roll her over underneath me until she’s laying on her back.
“No! Please don’t!” She pleads. “I won’t tell anyone if you leave!”
I slap her, hard.
“I said shut up you stupid slut! I’m going to get a lot meaner if you don’t.” I tell her as I grab her throat in one hand and start squeezing. “If you don’t stay quiet, I’ll continue to choke you till you quit squirming. Then I’ll have my way with you.”
She nods her head quickly, so I relax my grip on her throat.
Once I’m sure she’s not going to make any more noise, I take my hand away from her throat.
“That’s a good whore. You just stay quiet and you’ll survive this.”
Climbing off of her, I grab my backpack. Reaching into it, I grab a pair of EMTs scissors. Placing the backpack on the bed next to her, I climb back on top of her, straddling her thighs.
Grabbing the bottom of the oversized shirt she was wearing, I cut it apart in a mostly straight line from the bottom up to the neck.
Spreading the two pieces of her shirt together, exposing her pale breasts, her perky nipples casting shadows in the moonlight coming in the window.
Climbing off of her, I sit next to her on the bed and take the scissors to her sweat pants, cutting them and her panties off. Before long, the only thing she’s wearing is the cloth sack over her head.
I reach out and pinch one of her nipples between my fingers, causing her to gasp.
“Please, just leave” she begs.
I clamp a hand over her mouth as I twist her nipple hard.
“Enough of your worthless begging you slut.” I snarl before letting go of her nipple.
I climb up and straddle her hips again. Leaning forward, I slap her, hard.
“You’re going to shut up and enjoy this like the slut you are!” I tell her as I cut a hole in the cloth sack exposing her mouth.
Leaning forward, I wrap my fingers around her throat and press my lips against hers hard.
She keeps her lips closed tightly. I squeeze her throat harder until she starts gasping for breath.
Letting go of her throat, I bit her lower lip, a little harder than I had intended. Sliding down her body, I bite each of her perky breasts hard, making her gasp.
Standing up, I unbutton my pants, letting them and my boxers slide down to the floor. Reaching down, I grasp my cock in my hand and stroke it until it’s hard and eager for its next conquest.
Grabbing her by her hips, I force her over onto her stomach. Still holding onto her hips, I pull her ass up into the air. I take a minute to sit back and enjoy the view and feel of her curvy ass.
She cries out as I deliver a shotgun slap to her firm ass, making her cry out in pain.
Dragging my fingers down between her ass cheeks, she squirms as my fingers drag over her tight butthole. I continue sliding them down until they slide over her labia, forcing them apart.
As much as this stupid slut denied it, her very wet pussy makes her a liar. Typical. They all say no, but deep down inside, their inner slut is begging to be taken and used.
As I force my rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy, I smile as I hear her moan.
“See slut, you’re enjoying it after all!” I say.
As I start thrusting in and out of her, she struggles, pulling away. I grab her handcuffed arms and shove them up and forward, forcing her face down into the pillow.
“This will be a lot less painful if you’d quit fighting!” I tell her.
I continue fucking her brains out, pounding away at her tight wet pussy hard and fast, my balls slapping against her, her moans betraying her pleasure. Before long, I feel a pressure build up.
A few more thrusts and I explode, shooting my hot load inside of her.
With a grunt, I collapse on top of her before rolling to the side.
I lay there panting for a while before catching my breath. When I look over, I see that she has rolled over to face away from me.
As I sit up, I reach over and slap her bare ass, the sound like a gunshot breaking the silence, causing her to try out.
“Oh shut up slut. You’ve got nothing I want to hear.” I tell her as I force her into a sitting position.
“Get down on your knees where you belong, bitch.” I snarl.
She slides off the bed onto her knees.
I slap her on the back of the head, hard.
“I know you can’t see anything, but are you too fucking stupid to know I want you to face me?” I snarl at her.
Once she turns to face me, I reach out and backhand her, making her cry out.
I lean forward and place my face next to hers. Grabbing her throat, I whisper into her ear.
“I’m about to fuck your mouth, and you’re going to sit there and enjoy it,” I tell her. I tighten the grip on her throat before continuing. “if you even think of biting my cock, you will regret it. I will take you somewhere far away from help. All your teeth will be yanked out. Then I will chain you to the floor like a rabid dog and let anyone that wants to have their way with you, people with rather sick tastes and desires. Then when I tire of you, I’ll kill you and bury you far out in the middle of the desert. Do you understand me? Nod if you do.”
She nods after a moment.
Grabbing the scissors, I gather up the cloth in front of her mouth and cut a hole in it.
Laying back, I grab her head and pull it down towards my cock.
Holding my cock in one hand, I press the tip of it against her lips.
“Open up!” I tell her as I slide the head of my cock from side to side.
She opens her mouth wide . I slide my cock partway into her mouth.
“Don’t act like you’ve never sucked a cock before you dumb slut.” I snarl.
She closes her lips around my shaft.
“That’s better.” I say.
I lift her head back up till just the tip of my cock is inside her. Grabbing her firmly with both hands, I shove her mouth as far down my shaft as I can. My cock hits the back of her throat and she starts gagging.
As I fuck her mouth faster and faster, my cock slides farther and farther down her throat on each thrust. Before long her lips are around the base of my shaft and she’s got all of me in her. I can feel her throat spasming around my cock as she gags and tries to gasp for air.
The sheer feeling of it is enough to make me shoot my load straight down her throat.
After pulling my cock out of her mouth, I slap her a few times.
“Don’t just sit there. You’re going to take the head of my cock back into your mouth and lick and suck on it till I’m hard enough to fuck you again.” I tell her.
I lay back as she starts sucking on my limp cock. She runs her tongue around and over my head over and over again until I grow hard in her mouth.
I shove her backward, so I can get up. Grabbing her arm, I pull her up onto her feet, smiling as she cries out in pain. I shove her face down over her dresser.
Holding her firmly by her cuffed hands, I start spanking her. Hard enough that before long both of her ass cheeks are bright red and covered with welts. After a while, I tire of spanking her, so I stand her up, turn her around, and shove her sore ass down on the dresser, laughing as she gasps from the pain.
I reach down and force her legs apart. Stepping into her, I force my cock back into her wet abused pussy. One hand on her thigh, the other choking her, I fuck her brains out, pounding away at her pussy harder and harder. She gasps in air each time I relax my grip on her throat, her whimpering increases, and I can feel her pussy contracting around my cock. As much as she may fight me, her pussy loves this and is eager for my cum.
She goes limp, and I realize I choked her out. I let go of her throat and move my hand down to her breast, squeezing it as I continue to fuck her. Her body stays limp, but she starts whimpering again as I continue to fuck her.
Her pussy is still trying to milk my cock for all its worth. I reach up and slap her, hard, as I start to cum.
Pulling my now drained cock out of her, I pick her up and throw her onto her bed. Grabbing my keys, I undo her handcuffs, then climb into bed with her.
After a while, she stirs, rolling over to face me, she reaches up and pulls the bag off her head.
“Mmm. Did you have to choke me that hard, Dave? I’m going to be feeling that for a while.” She says.
“You said you wanted me to be rougher with you.” I tell her as I reach over and pinch one of her nipples.
“That I did.” She says with a smile. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

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