An erotic short.



Elizabeth Luxe

Please be aware that this story might be considered as disturbing by some. All events and people are fictional. -Liz

When you think of cults, you think of Manson and Jim Jones. Semi-religious groups formed around a charismatic leader, and completely under his control. And for the most part, that’s accurate.
The Cult of Genesis is different. It has existed, in one form or another, for as long as people have walked these lands now called the United States.
The Cult of Genesis had only a couple of beliefs. The Beast exists. The Beast has the power to destroy the world. The Beast must be stopped.
For centuries, the most powerful sorcerers and shamans this land had to offer were locked in battle with The Beast. When one fell, another rose up to take his place. It was known that The Beast could never be defeated, but only delayed. 
Then things started to change. Fewer Sorcerers were being born. Natural magics were being leached out of the land as machines stripped and poisoned her waters and air. A century ago, a new way of fighting The Beast was discovered. 
Instead of having to combat the Beast day and night for all eternity, it was discovered that a willing sacrifice had the power to make the Beast slumber for a year. Not anyone would do, though. The sacrifice had to be female, pure and having just reached the age of majority. 
Eve would be this year’s sacrifice. The hundredth sacrifice. A daughter of the priestesses of the cult, Eve grew up knowing she might be called to be Sacrificed. She had just turned 18 a month ago, was still a virgin, and was not addicted to any unnatural substances.
She wore only a light woolen robe and simple sandals. She was the epitome of innocent beauty. 
Head bowed in contemplation, she stepped out of the temple and began the ascent to the tree-ringed clearing at the top of the hill. Her steps were confident. She had no regrets. By doing this, not only was she saving all the unknowing, uncaring people on earth from a horrible death, she was also saving her sisters. The other disciples in her group would now be able to experience life. Find love, have children, live.
As she stepped into the circle of massive oaks, she felt a chill sweep over her skin. Looking around, she saw that the clearing had been prepared. It was a grass covered field about fifty feet in diameter. Someone had come up this morning to rake up all the loose leaves and branches. Looking up, she smiled as she gazed upon the full moon shining brightly overhead. 
She reached up and undid the clasp holding the robe together at the neck. The cloth cascaded down around her, exposing her pale flesh. Her long light brown hair fell nearly to her waist. Arcane designs were drawn on her body in natural pigments. Over her stomach was a complicated design of circles and triangles, stopping just below her breasts. It was meant to draw the beast to her.
Confidently, Eve stepped into the center of the clearing, the silver moonlight caressing her skin. Shadows swept across her body has she turned, spinning on one foot.
A crack shattered the silence. Eve froze, watching the opposite side of the clearing. The rustling of leaves and cracking of branches betrayed the Beasts presence. Eve gasped when she saw it.
The Beast was like nothing ever seen on earth. It walked on all fours, but instead of a dog’s paws or a goat’s hooves, It had what looked like hands, though the fingers were tipped with great claws like that of a bear. It was the size of a small horse. Its skin, or its coat, it was hard to tell if the thing had fur, was the darkest soul-crushing black. Its head was like that of a wolf, though its snout was elongated, and the tongue sticking out from between the shining white teeth was over a foot long. The most disturbing thing about it was its eyes. They glowed red, as if from an inner fire.
Had it not been for the full moon, and the Beasts glowing eyes, Eve never would have seen it coming. Once it was out of the brush, its steps were silent. It continued to lick the air, snorting each time it pulled its long tongue back into its snout. 
With a grunt, it leaped the distance separating them. It landed on its back legs right in front of her, using its front legs to shove her backward as he came crashing down over her pinning her to the ground, making her cry out in surprise and pain.
Terror filled her eyes as the beast ran its tongue around her face. The Beasts lips peeled back exposing its long sharp fangs, as it slid every last inch of its red tongue into Eves’ mouth. Her eyes wide, Eve arched her back as the tongue forced its way down her throat.  
Eve gasped when the Beast pulled its tongue out of her mouth. She squirmed and whimpered as the Beast moved down her body. Its tongue flickered out over her rosebud nipples. Her whimpering continued as it dragged the last ten inches of its tongue down her body. 
Using its strangely human-like hands, the Beast forced Eves legs apart. Pressing its muzzle into her crotch the Beast inhaled deeply with an almost cat-like purr. The tip of its tongue ran down the length of her vagina, making Eve shudder. With a grunt, the Beast slid the first couple inches of its tongue into Eve. 
Eve cried out as the Beast continued to slide its tongue into her, spreading her lips apart, stretching her like she had never been stretched before. Her body thrashing on the ground, Eve cried wordlessly as the monstrous tongue worked its way in and out of her tight pussy.
Thrashing on the ground, Eves’ fingers dug deep into the fall soil as her cries of pain and pleasure pierced the night. The beast had one creepy hand pressing down between her breasts. The other was tearing at the ground beside her. Her cries grew shriller as more of the Beasts demonic tongue forced its way inside of her.
Eves’ eyes rolled back in her head, leaving only white glowing orbs to be seen, had anyone been watching. Back arched, the heels of Eves’ feet drug a furrow in the ground as her hips were lifted from the ground. The beasts snarls and Eves cries grew more frequent. Suddenly, without warning, the beast pulled its tongue completely out of Eves quivering pussy, causing her body to drop back to the ground, impacting with a loud thud and driving the air out of Eve. The beast prowled around Eve, its tail lashing the ground around here as she laid there whimpering.
Eve cried out when she opened her eyes, glowing white orbs where her gray eyes should have been. Her hands shot up, covering her face, poking at her eyes. Her cries grew louder and more panic struck. Panicking, she clawed at her face, leaving four bloody trails from her eyes down to her cheeks, before rolling over onto her knees. 
The Beast watched her all this time, pacing around her in a circle quietly. When she started crawling away from it, it leaped, clearing the fifteen feet between them, landing on top of her, shoving her bloody face down into the grass. Regaining its balance, the Beast grasped Eve around the waist as it forced its monstrous cock deep inside of her, turning her panic-stricken screams into ones of mixed pain and terror.
As the Beast thrust its demonic cock into her, the arcane designs on Eves’ stomach started glowing. Brighter with each thrust. Though neither of them noticed.
The Beast thrust into her faster and harder, his monstrous cock tearing her. As her blood dripped out onto the ground tendrils of light wrapped around Eve and the Beast.
Tighter and tighter they wrapped. As they confined the Beast it started howling and thrashing, trying to escape. Brighter and brighter the light shined as the tendrils constricted, turning into a glowing cocoon, shrinking further, and further, until it was the size of a softball.
With a flash, bright enough to blind anyone in the vicinity, a crystal orb fell to the ground as the light died out.
Silence filled the air.


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