Author: K. C. Bloom

Twitter: @KCBloomWrites

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Blurb: Amy can’t wait to start her first semester in an All Girls College. She craves experiences with other girls more than anything. Her sexy roommate welcomes her with open arms and then there’s that hot girl in the library…

There is something about first time lesbian sex stories that really makes me purr. K. C. Bloom writes a well paced story that really brings Amy the main character to life. The sex is steamy and tantalizing. We, and Amy get teased the first night by her dorm mate and her girlfriend having sex while Amy was sleeping. Like any of us, Amy was turned on by the sounds of the cute couple having sex just a few feet from her and had to satisfy herself.

The next day we meet Amy’s lust interest in the forest, sitting next to the water reading. On top of being a cute lesbian with a good taste in fiction, Alex fills that sexy librarian fetish a lot of us have. If you thought Amy fingering herself while her room mate has sex a few feet away was hot, you’re in for a treat when Amy and Alex get together.

I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series.