First off, I all my US readers had a happy and safe Independence Day.
This was my first year not going and seeing the fireworks, or lighting anything off. It was a really warm and snowless winter, so there wasn’t much moisture in the ground. Lack of moisture and fireworks is a bad combination.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. I work full time, and until recently, I was working 70-75 hour weeks just to get by. Thankfully I recently acquired a roommate. No, I won’t tell you much about her, she doesn’t know about my naughty side, and I’m still feeling her out. So now I only have to work 50 hours a week. Hurray!
That doesn’t mean that the rest of my time is free. I do a lot of community things, gardening, reading, and yes, writing.

Before, I used to be able to write on my front deck, or in my reclining chair. Now, however, I have to do most of my writing in my room, or when my roommate isn’t home. Not because she’s going to look over my shoulder, but because of how turned on I make myself when writing the sex scenes. One of my earliest fantasies from when I was younger was waking up one day in the body of a boy. So it’s natural that my first erotic book deals with the same fantasy, though from the perspective of a guy. So I only have a little while each evening to write and edit.

I have two projects in the works right now.

The first is the sequel to Body Jumper. Where the first book showed three separate encounters with David and his body jumping powers, the sequel follows David and his new step-sister Summer, over Christmas break. We get to watch them discover each other, explore each other’s bodies, and explore the limits of this ability that they both share. It’s already longer than Body Jumper.

The second project is a new story, working title The Dungeon. It follows a young woman as she explores a relatively new high-class BDSM club that opened in her city. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this one. I’ve only been working on it when I’ve had trouble thinking of what to write next for the Body Jumper sequel.

Reviewers Needed!

I really need people to read and review my books on Amazon. While I do try to be fairly active on Twitter, I have a limited number of minutes per day I can devote to this. Most of them I spend actually writing or editing. I spend a few on twitter, posting tweets, or retweeting things, or working on my website. Others are spent doing what I call research. Due to the fact that writing does not support me in the lavish lifestyle I desire, I can not devote as much time to it as I would like.
Reviews are the key to increasing my exposure. The more positive reviews I have, the more people see, and hopefully buy, my books. The more that happens, the more time I can devote to writing!

This is where you come in!
All you have to do to join my (currently nonexistent) circle of reviewers is email me,, and tell me you want to be a reviewer.
In exchange for your promise to leave an honest, and hopefully positive review on amazon, I will send you a free review copy one of my books.
Once you’ve read it and left a review, email me with a link to your review, and I’ll send you another one.
After you’ve reviewed all of my currently published books (currently there are two), you will be added to my select list of advanced reviewers. This is where you get to read upcoming books before they are published, in exchange for posting reviews once they go live.

What’s in it for you?
Well, you potentially get to read all of my books for free!
Then you get to read books before they are published!
You’ll also, from time to time, get to read short stories well before anyone else does!

So what are you waiting for? Email me at and lets get started!