The first installment in my erotic fantasy series “In Her Shoes” will be coming out soon.


Outcast college student David discovers he has an
extraordinary ability. From time to time, when masturbating, his mind goes back
and takes over the body of women he fantasizes about. In the first part of this
series, David Explores his new found ability by jumping into the women he goes
to college with, who as of yet don’t give him the time of day.


Dropping her bag on the desk, I took a minute to look around her room. Opening her closet door, I was surprised to see a full-length mirror on the other side of the door. Looking into the mirror, I was a little startled to see a busty blond staring back at me instead of the 6′ tall man with a beard that I normally saw.

I reached up and ran my fingers over my left breast, a shudder coursing through my body. I saw the nipple starting to poke through the shirt slightly. Reaching up, I pinched it through the shirt. A soft moan escaped my lips.

Hurriedly, I reached down and pulled the shirt off over my head. Chelsea seems to not like wearing bras, as I could see her/my breasts bounce free as the shirt was lifted up over them. Which was a good thing, as I never did get the hang of undoing bras without seeing what I was doing. Groping my breasts, I did what any guy would do in my situation.

After bouncing them a few times, I lifted one up and licked the nipple. Another shudder ran through my body, and the curious sensation between my legs increased. I bit down on the nipple slightly, and a not so quiet moan forced its way out of my mouth.