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Kinks: Bondage

There are a lot of kinks out there, and a lot of ways to enjoy each of them. Another kink I really enjoy is Bondage. Using things to restrain someone. Bondage can be something as small as handcuffing your partner, or as big as suspending them by wrapping them up in...

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Power and Control

So a tweet by an author I admire about her fetishes inspired me to write about my fetishes. I don’t know if my experiences are typical or atypical, but they are my own.If you pay attention to my twitter, there are a few things you might know about me. I’m divorced,...

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My Books
Sexperiments: An In Her Shoes Body Swap Adventure.
Body Jumper: An In Her Shoes Body Swap Adventure.
My Pet The Executive
The beginning of the story shows a fun take on the body swap genre by adding the erotica side of it. I can’t wait to see how the future books develop the plot and characters. Great intro.

I enjoyed this book. It’s erotic and exciting. I love the premise. Can’t wait to read more. When’s the next one coming out?